Template websites are best suited for businesses that have a smaller budget and are willing to adhere to the limitations of a template. Our platform of choice is WordPress and there are thousands (if not millions) of different WordPress templates available. I will select 2-3 templates to present to you based on my knowledge of your goals, number of pages, etc. and you will then select 1 for us to move forward with.

Templates offer many customization options (such as color choice, logo, photos, etc.). You will be able to make the changes to any part of website as a layman as well. I provide a video specifically made for you that you can use as reference so you can make the changes.


Semi-custom websites are a hybrid of using a WordPress template and further customizing it to fit the needs of the project. Semi-custom websites are best suited for companies that may have a modest budget and want a little more control over the look than what a strict WordPress template provides.

Like template websites, there are many customizations you’re able to make, including colors, logo, and photos; and with a semi-custom website, I will also be able to make structural changes. The biggest difference between template websites and semi-custom websites is the price; if we’re making changes above and beyond the template, that will require more time for us to work around the already-existing code.


I love building new websites, but if you come to us with an existing website, I'm willing to work with that, too. I’ll review your existing website design, your code, and your overall goals to make design change recommendations and implement those. Website redesigns vary greatly in pricing and depend on the existing framework.


Website audits are suitable for companies that may be looking for a second opinion on their current website. I will thoroughly look at your overall design, your content, and your code to see if there are improvements to be made. I’ll take an in-depth look into it all once I’ve worked with you to identify your goals and recommend the best changes to help you get there


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