Hello, This is Hamid Sheikh.

WordPress & Shopify Developer


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6 Short Steps Towards Your Brand New Website

1- Discussion

This is very important base of every development. A little bit work is required from your end to provide me a list of things you want to include and I will take care of the rest of things.

2- Planning

I provide some examples or maybe a mockup (not promised but something will be provided) to get us on road. I will share each and every details of what is going to be built and how.

3- Design

Based on first two steps I would be doing design for your website. You will be given a link to see to get an idea about the progress and you will be able to suggest the changes.

4- Coding

Once we have everything up and running I will get started with back-end development.

5- Revisions

Based on your thorough feedback I will work on it and will make the changes swiftly and efficiently.

6- Website Is Ready!

Once website is ready I will help you to upload it on your server. If you don’t have any server bought/decided yet I will recommend something based on your requirements.

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